How to use our nappies?

How to use our Basic Line nappies?

The Basic Line concept consists of:

  • a one-size outer wrap;
  • an absorbent booster available in 2 sizes;
  • an absorbent paper liner. Its use is always recommended, but is obligatory if you are using nappy cream.
  • Adjust the wrap to the baby’s weight by means of the poppers at the front.
  • Insert a booster in the front pocket. Use S1 for babies weighing 3.5 to 10 kg, S2 for babies weighing more than 10 kg.
  • Make sure that the nappy, which is also kept in place by the elastic waistband, is completely tucked inside the wrap.
  • Put an absorbent paper liner on top of the booster. This is absolutely necessary if you are using nappy cream. Otherwise the nappy cream will enter into contact with the nappy, coat the fabric and reduce its absorbency. It can furthermore be very difficult to remove this film.
  • Put your baby on the nappy; adjust the Velcro fastenings at the waist making sure that the nappy is not too tight or too loose and that everything is nicely tucked away inside the wrap.
  • To change your baby’s nappy, open the wrap, remove the soiled nappy and shake out the nappy liner and any solids into the toilet (composting is also possible). Put the soiled nappy in a dry, lidded bucket.
  • Clean your baby’s bottom. Use a clean nappy and new paper liner. Adjust and close the wrap.

Remark: You do not need to change the wrap at every nappy change. If it is only slightly wet, wipe it dry and reuse it. On average, the wrap only has to be changed every 3 to 5 nappy changes, barring accidents.

How to use the Natural Softness Line nappies?

Reusable nappies are quite similar in use to disposable nappies, with a few minor differences.

  • Lay out the wrap ensuring its fabric side is facing downwards.
  • Insert the bamboo nappy into the wrap, add a booster (unfolded for girls, folded in two for boys).
  • Put an absorbent paper liner on top of the booster.
  • Fit the nappy around your baby’s waist.
  • Then fasten the wrap with the Velcro fastenings.

Every baby is different … You can adapt this method to your baby’s needs.