Why should you opt to use Bambinex® washable nappies?

1. Bambinex® offers ultimate comfort

Bambinex® nappies are made of several layers of ultrafine fibres. They are light, soft, pleasing to the touch, comfortable, highly absorbent, quick drying … And as practical to use as disposable nappies!

2. Bambinex® is cheaper

By opting to use Bambinex® nappies, parents can reduce their nappy bill by an average of 600 Euros per baby. Furthermore, many town and city councils also run nappy incentive schemes to actively reward parents who make the switch from disposables to reusable nappies.

3. Bambinex® contributes to your baby’s well-being

As their fabric is naturally breathable, the Bambinex® nappies ensure an ideal nappy temperature. Their microporous structure retains moisture, but allows air to pass, thus significantly reducing the risk of nappy rash.

4. Bambinex® cares about the environment

Using washable nappies significantly reduces the amount of waste sent to landfill. Bambinex® nappies last a lifetime and do not contain any harmful chemicals.